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Deans' Dirty Deeds
German Shield Girl with an addiction to Dean Ambrose. If he wouldn't bring me so much joy I would consider it unhealthy. :)
I also have a little hording problem, so you find all kinds of Dean stuff (and some Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns stuff) here as well as some of my own creations.
Hope you don't mind my sometimes black humor, and if you ever catch me calling Dean a "little shit" and are offended, you haven't been long enough on Tumblr. :)
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Even without the little text in the upper left corner I knew this was from the Shield Summit because I have watched that thing a million times.

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Me, the next three weeks!


#lockdown #DeanAmbrose

Even in movies they “bloody” his face.

At least this one won’t leave scars…small favors…

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So Seth still follows Dean on Twitter, but Roman doesn’t? Hmmm.

That’s because Dean doesn’t use his Twitter. It’s run by WWE.

You don’t say!

What kind of explanation is that? (Not that I am looking for one)
Because it’s run by WWE, and WWE equals The Authority, Seth follows it and Roman doesn’t? Lol…

More questions.

1.) what does WWE “run” at Dean’s account? Dust mites and spider webs? It’s not active, duh. If WWE would run it, there would be content, right? But it’s not about who runs the account.

2.) the question was asked because of the recent storyline.
In character question.
The best buddy doesn’t follow but the enemy does. I thought it was interesting.

Seth probably thinks: keep your friends close but your enemies closer lol. Paranoid little shit…

Back ot

I like people who don’t catch my humor or irony…

So Seth still follows Dean on Twitter, but Roman doesn’t? Hmmm.

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Dean Ambrose ‘The Lost Tweets’

@realkingregal is a belieber

There is a twitter class? *makes sense*

Ohhh, there was the spider thingy :)

And he tweeted to Seth.


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Roman Reigns+ Black tank top

I can’t believe how cute this is 💛 💙 💜 💚 ❤

He looks like the Undertaker…

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So this happened last weekend/Monday morning.

I won my first King of the Ring tournament.

I got two super rare Xavier Woods cards and turned them pro. :) Still training him now.

And I still collect Dean Ambrose common cards like shit. I dunno why they always pop up. There is one in each deck. What I really, really would like are all three Shield super rare member cards. That would be awesome!

@therogercross: @TheDeanAmbrose says wazzup!

Did… they… cut…. THE HAIR?

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It is the goal to collect as many Dean Ambroses as possible right?

(I had 7 at one time, wouldn’t use them to train my cards…until the deck was full…used Dean to train Eva Marie :p)

And as a bonus you get points for collecting the former Shield members, correct?

Hah, I master this game!